Welcome to Pink Sand Beach Designs!

My name is Nancy and I am the owner and
creative mind behind Pink Sand Beach Designs
and our line of contemporary purse patterns.  
People always have said that I am creative person
and once I retired from my career as a consultant I
took that creativity to the next level!  I began to
design purses that would be easy to sew and would
allow people to customize them with their favorite
fabrics to go with any outfit.  With my background
in engineering, all my patterns are created with
the utmost attention to detail while still being easy
and fun to sew!  As we continue to grow and add
new patterns to our line, we hope that making
purses with our patterns are as much fun for you
as they were for us to create!

Happy Sewing!

Nancy Green
Copyright Pink Sand Beach Designs 2008-2010. All Rights reserved.